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Benjamin Cluff Lecture

Brigham Young University


   I was born in Provo, Utah, February 7, 1858. My family moved to Logan, Utah when I was a baby. In the year of 1846 my father was called to perform a mission in the Hawaiian Islands. One year later my mother, Mary Ellen Foster Cluff, my sister, Mary Jane, age 9 years, myself, age 7 years and my brother, George, age 5 years left to join him. We left Ogden, Utah by covered wagon, twelve wagons in the train and travelled across the desert to Latrobe, Calif. From there by river steamer to San Francisco, Calif. Sailing from San Francisco on a three masted sailing vessel called the “D.C. Murray”. Arriving in Honolulu in about twenty one days. From there to “Leia”, the Mormon Plantation. We spent five years on the Islands. Two incidents will always remain in my memory of this trip, the first, was the tempestuous by boat around the island from Honolulu to Leia, the other was a gift of a pretty little mare from one of the Kanacas (natives).
   We returned to the states when I was twelve years old. During our absence, the railroad had been completed and with the exception of the boat trip across the bay from San Francisco to Oakland we travelled by train to Ogden. From Ogden we travelled by horses and wagon to Logan.
   At the age of 14 years my father desired me to go to Coalville, Utah, to study bookkeeping under Brother John Boyden and stay with my Uncle Williams. I did go and worked as a clerk in the post office and helped in my Uncle’s store. A short while later I was made City Librarian. There was only a small collection of books and my desire for education grew and became a burning desire. Some time later I heard from my Uncle Samuel, telling me about the academy, called the B.Y.A. Brigham Young was establishing the school in a large building he owned in Provo. He appointed Dr. Carl G. Measer, a prominent German educator, as Principal of the school.
   I discussed my desire to attend this school, with my father. I made a bargain with him, if he would release me from my obligations to him, I would never ask him for assistance toward my education, he agreed and at the age of seventeen years, I set out on foot from Coalville, Utah and walked as far as the “Cluff Ranch” near Heber City, about 30 miles. My Uncle Henry was making a trip to Provo, so after a days rest at the ranch, I accompanied him. I entered B.Y.A. and paid for my schooling by working as a janitor . I was there for three years, when I was called on my mission to the Hawaiian Islands. I spent three and a half years there. Upon returning, I again entered B.Y.A. this time as a primary teacher under Dr. Maeser. This was the fall of 1882. I remained in this capacity for four years, after which I entered the University of Michigan, receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in 1890. Three years later, my Master’s Degree.


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